Our Goal

To raise funds for the Martial Arts History Museum in our push to relocate the museum to a larger location.

Our Story

We began on Sept. 15, 1999 as a traveling exhibit. We opened in the city of Santa Clarita in 2006 based on the promises from the city. The city never came through so we relocated to Burbank, CA.

We have been in the city of Burbank for six years and next year we will celebrate our 19th year. Through your purchases on this website, you will assist the museum in acquiring a larger facility.

Meet the Team

Former Disney graphic artist and magazine publisher Michael Matsuda is the founder and president of the museum.

Michael Matsuda

Founder & CEO

Michael Matsuda is the former publisher of Martial Arts Magazine. He was the past co-CEO of Martialinfo.com and is currently the founder and president of the Martial Arts History Museum. A published author of nine books he was a contributing editor for Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu magazine for 20 years. He was the manager of the media department for Blue Cross of California, a past Disney artist and selected as one of the Top 100 Producers in the Nation twice by Producer Magazine.